10 Health Tips Every Would-Be Mom Should Read

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The stork has visited your home and as a new parent you are excited and nervous. You hear about parenting tips and diet plans leaving you confused at the same time. Motherhood is an exciting phase, and this is the time you have to pay careful attention to your diet and lifestyle. If you go through tracy anderson pregnancy project reviews you will come across several happy clients who have benefitted from this program. You can also read about fitness plans at www.babycenter.com/0_twelve-steps-to-a-healthy-pregnancy_9174.bc and enjoy a safe pregnancy.

Here are some of the popular fitness tips that new mommies can benefit from:

1. Good Prenatal care
Schedule an appointment with your gynecologist who will recommend a suitable fitness plan and chalk out a diet for you. In addition to this, certain tests will be conducted to eliminate any complications. If you have any medical conditions, let them know about it, so the next course of action can be arranged.

2. Diet
You are carrying a tiny human inside you which means you have to increase your intake of proteins, calcium, and iron. Your doctor will advise supplements and iron tablets for you and the growing baby.

It is best to avoid undercooked or raw food, especially eggs and meat that can cause bacterial infection. If you enjoy seafood, avoid them at this time as they contain high levels of contaminants.

3. Exercise
Under medical supervision, you can practice yoga or go for a brisk walk. Indulge in any form of exercise that you are comfortable with. Pilates strengthens your core muscles while certain birth-ball exercises include lots of stretching.

Sign up for a prenatal-exercise class, which is a fun way to meet other new moms. Other forms include dance styles like ballet; cycling; gardening and housework. It is seen that regular exercising can reduce the risk of aches and help you go through the labor process with ease.

4. Rest your body
During the initial stages of pregnancy, you will experience tiredness. At this point, slow down and take a break from other work. You can take a short nap or read a book while you stretch your legs a bit. Try relaxation methods like deep breathing and pregnancy massages under the guidance of your doctor.

5. Avoid Alcohol
Remember that anything you consume will directly affect your baby. Cut down on the alcohol to avoid running the risk of an underweight baby and other birth defects in the newborn.

6. Say No To Drugs
Studies show that drugs like cocaine and marijuana have a detrimental effect on the newborn’s development. Intake of drugs can lead to miscarriage, premature birth, and can cause other birth defects in the baby.

7. Kick The Stub
Yes. You heard it right. Smoking is known to increase stillbirths or even death of the baby. If you are looking forward to a healthy pregnancy, it’s time you stopped smoking.

8. Limit Intake Of Caffeine
Craving for a cup of hot coffee? Give the caffeine a miss to avoid complications at the time of delivery. These beverages have zero nutritional content in them and make it difficult for your body to absorb iron.

9. Stay Away From Dangerous Jobs
If you are exposed to dangerous chemicals or radiation at work, you have to talk to the concerned authority to make changes.

10. Visit A Dentist
If you are looking up wide-eyed, here’s what you should know. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can make you prone to gum diseases. Pay attention to your oral health and schedule an appointment with the dentist at regular time periods.

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