4 Steps On How To Feed A Pet Rat

Just because a rat is a small animal, it doesn’t mean that the food it eats is any less important. Like any other pet, rats require a diet that varies from vegetables to fruits to commercial rodent food. Even the nutritional parameters of the food should have a set proportion of protein, fiber and fats. Make a Top Rat Foods Comparison before deciding on the final store-bought feed for your rat. To keep a pet happy the food alone is not a factor. Even the environment they eat in matters, as per www.Pettech.net.
To ensure that your pet lives for long and happily here are 3 steps you need to take.

• The Container
The utensil used to put the feed for rats is vital. A small bowl is the best container. The size ensures that there is enough space left in the cage for the rat and the shape is convenient. A ceramic bowl is recommended not only because of its weight but also the material. The heavyweight will prevent the container from falling on its side while the pet feeds. The material, unlike metal bowls, will not produce any sound frequency that can disturb the rats.

• The Variety
A combination of foods is the best way to keep a rat interested in the food. A rat is one animal that has a very exacting palette. Therefore, it should have the capability to choose between food options. Give a mix of fruits, vegetables and commercial food to keep their appetite. Another way to stimulate a rat’s hunger is to provide food that has to be opened up. This could be in hard-boiled egg form or food wrapped in cardboard. Besides curiosity, such foods also present a learning opportunity for rats.

• A New Food
The quantity of food that is being introduced to a pet rat is vital. Too much and the pet runs the risk of stomachaches and even worse, diarrhoea if the food does suit them. If only a small quantity is offered, the rat will learn to avoid the item without facing harsh consequences first. Furthermore, if you own more than one rat, the quantity should be enough to offer portions for each rat. If only one rat tastes the new food, the others will smell it on that pet later leading to aggression.

It is just not for new foods that the quantity matters. For owners who keep more than one pet rat, a sufficient number of victuals should always be available. An alpha rat tends to hoard food. It can lead to other rats not getting their feed or water supply. Therefore, keep more than one source of food and water. If there are baby rats, keep some water bottles scattered around. There are more chances of the baby rats getting dehydrated because adult rats are aggressive.

A tip before we end this article. A rat should get a feed that is about ten to twenty percent of its total body weight, per day.

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