All About Grow Tents

grow tent

Having a hobby is a good way to relax and destress from the worries that hamper your happiness. Interestingly, many people pick gardening as an incredibly relaxing hobby that provides physical activity as well as some mental stimulation. In the world of gardening, grow tents seem to have caught on among the horticultural hobbyist. With an easy to follow grow tent setup guide anyone can start using a grow tent for the benefit of their plants.

A grow tent is basically a 6-sided fabric that is installed using a frame. The fabric is lightweight to allow free passage of air. Grow tents come with the main opening as well as other opening for different uses like electrical access or ventilation etc. As mentioned in, there are plenty of different type of grow tents in the market ranging from the small to the heavy handed which includes a lot of components like on-board lighting etc. You can choose one that fits your pocket and your requirements.

The heavy fabric used to make a grow tent is usually polyester or nylon and has a reflective inner layer. The outer material is intended to make the grow tent strong and durable, whereas the inner layer offers better light reflectivity. The grow tent’s description usually carries number like 500D, where the D stands for denier which refers to the yarn or thread thickness. The higher the number, the better the density, making your grow tent stronger. It usually ranges from 200D to 1680 D. The inner part of the grow tent fabric offers light reflection which helps save energy costs and provides better lighting for the foliage growing within the tent.

If you are planning on purchasing a grow tent in the near future, ensure that you get one made with a higher quality fabric so that it lasts for a longer time. The seams along the sides will need to bear the weight of the grow tent. Hence it needs to be strong and help the poles in supporting the tent’s weight. Another advantage of getting better quality fabric grow tents is that are more resistant to general wear and tears, making them last longer. Besides the quality of the material, you also need to consider other factors like mildew resistant, fire resistance and so on.

The poles used to create the frame of the grow tent need to be strong and able to handle the weight of the fabric. Although the heavy-duty steel poles are more expensive compared to the other lighter weight metal poles, they are stronger and more rigid, offering a sturdy frame for the fabric. Generally, experts recommend thicker poles, as they can sustain more weight, making the grow tent sturdier. Since the main aim of having a grow tent is providing a safe enclosed environment for growing plants, it is necessary to ensure that they have enough vents for proper air circulation. There are several different equipments you can use alongside a grow tent to offer better accommodation tot eh plants. So, choose a grow tent that comes with enough vents to accommodate any other devices you might plan on using in the future.

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